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Web Site Development

From single page sites to multi-paged sites, we will develop a custom web site tailored to meet your business needs. We understand that not every net user has the latest plug-ins and multi-media capabilities, we generally design web sites that will even display properly on a text browser! Although when appropriate, we use multimedia technology as well.

Web Site Hosting

We will host your web site on our server or one of our affiliate servers. Your URL will be as follows: You may use up to 2MB of disk space. Additional space may be purchased for an additional charge. Our servers our connected to the Internet via a fiber DS-3 connection which has 650% more capacity than a plain T-1 connection.

Domain Registration

Let us handle all the hassles of domain registration for you. If the domain name you have chosen available, your domain can be yours in as little as 3 days to a week or two.

Check to see if your domain is available:

eg: (,,

Domain Transfer

If you have a domain name hosted on another server, and wish to utilize our services, we would be happy to assist in transferring your domain to our servers.

Domain Hosting

We can host your domain, your URL will be You will have 5MB of disk space and optional FTP access. You may choose to maintain the site yourself, or have us maintain your site for you. Extra space may be purchased for an additional charge. Our servers our connected to the Internet via triple DS-3 fiber connections which have 650% more capacity than a plain T-1 connection.

Domain Parking

We will "park" your domain on our servers while you prepare your server, or decide what you will do with your domain. This is good to reserve and HOLD your domain name so it is not taken by someone else while you figure all this out. You are responsible for all Internic fees, and our setup and "parking" fee. We will allow a simple web page announcing your site is coming soon...

Internet to Fax Services

For businesses that do not have internet or e-mail access, we offer a service where we can have queries from your web site or messages to an e-mail address forwarded to your fax machine. You can now effectively harness the power of the Internet without a computer!

View our everyday low rates.

Secure Socket Layer Order Page

For a low monthly fee, you can accept credit cards over your own secure socket order page. This page digitally encrypts all information that is sent across the Internet. You must already have a merchant credit card account to be able to accept credit cards.

Web Site Promotion

We offer superior web site promotion, including submitting your web site to hundreds of the top search engines, directories, and indexes throughout the Internet. We also offer you the opportunity to exchange banner advertising with many of the top Internet web sites.

Image Scanning

We will scan your images (pictures, artwork, logo, etc.) and place it on floppy disk, or e-mail you the file for your use. This can be very useful for designing a web site, or just sharing pictures with friends. We will only scan your images and or pictures. Sorry we are unable to scan copyrighted images without permission from the copyright owner.

Logo/Banner/Image Design

We will custom design a Logo/Banner/Image for you business and/or web site. Most web sites have banners which are the same as a sign in the front of a conventional "store". Banners can also be used as "billboards" on other web sites to draw people to your web site.

Web Site Maintenance

We can handle all your web site maintenance needs. This includes daily, weekly or monthly updates, backing up your valuable web site, restoring your site in case of some unforeseen incident, and even securing your site against hackers.

Consulting and Training

We can handle all your training and consulting needs. We will come into your business and train you and your employees so they can efficiently use the Internet to your companies advantage.

Internet Connectivity

We will get your company connected to the Internet with an Internet Service Provider, and handle all the paperwork, installation of software, and even train you and your employees to effectively use the Internet.

Internet to Pager Services

Want to get instant notification of e-mail, queries or orders from your web site?  You can now get the message delivered to a alphanumeric pager.  

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