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Here are some of the sites that we have developed and host: - Also known as "The Living and Raw Foods Marketplace" - Full Internet Commerce site with online catalog, online secure ordering capability, UPS tracking, and more!
Slender Now

Slender Now - A scientific approach to controlling weight. All
natural, no harmful stimulants, anyone can do it! Guaranteed.

Kinann Construction

Kinann Construction - a California general contractor specializing in
Remodeling and Seismic Upgrading in the greater Bay Area.

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SunOrganic Farm - Offers the finest certified organically grown foods.  This site has an online shopping system and can securely accept credit card orders.


Living-Foods - Online Community that educates the world of the power of raw and living foods.   Also sells books and juicers, dehydrators at rock-bottom prices.

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The Raw Gourmet - Nomi Shannon is known as the "raw gourmet" and is publishing a new recipe book, learn more about her book at her web site! Free Recipes!

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Living Nutrition Magazine - The #1 magazine on natural eating &  health.

Games R Us

Games R Us - A Fictitious  example of our $149 web site.
Check out our specials for more details.

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